Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

— working towards the “zero waste” of New Zealanders

Objectives and Background

Strategy Papers

Who is Involved?

Core Group Mayors

Personal Statements

What Does Membership Mean?

What Are the Mayors
Up To?

Employment Catalyst Projects

Membership at 2005
70 Mayors


Paul Matheson
Mayor of Nelson

Deputy Chairperson

Yvonne Sharp
Mayor of Far North

Core Group

Gary Moore
Mayor of Christchurch

Peter Tennent
Mayor of New Plymouth

Jenny Brash
Mayor of Porirua

Frana Cardno
Mayor of Southland

Maureen Reynolds
Mayor of Tararua

Bob Harvey
Mayor of Waitakere

Tim Shadbolt
Mayor of Invercargill

Mary Bourke
Mayor of South Taranaki

John Forbes
Mayor of Opotiki

Wayne Guppy
Mayor of Upper Hutt

Les Probert
Mayor of Wairoa

Other Participating Mayors

Bede O'Malley
Mayor of Ashburton

Dick Hubbard
Mayor of Auckland

Martin Sawyers
Mayor of Buller

Gary McPhee
Mayor of Carterton

Juno Hayes
Mayor of Clutha

Peter Chin
Mayor of Dunedin

Mark Ball
Mayor of Franklin

Meng Foon
Mayor of Gisborne

Lawrence Yule
Mayor of Hastings

Tracy Hicks
Mayor of Gore

Tony Kokshoorn
Mayor of Grey District

Michael Redman
Mayor of Hamilton

John Tregidga
Mayor of Hauraki

Tim Gilbertson
Mayor of Central Hawkes Bay

Brendan Duffy
Mayor of Horowhenua District

Garry Jackson
Mayor of Hurunui

David Ogden
Mayor of Hutt

Kevin Heays
Mayor of Kaikoura

Peter King
Mayor of Kaipara

Alan Milne
Mayor of Kapiti Coast District

Malcom Campbell
Mayor of Kawerau District

John O'Neill
Mayor of Mackenzie District

Ian McKelvie
Mayor of Manawatu

Sir Barry Curtis
Mayor of Manukau

Alistair Sowman
Mayor of Marlborough

Bob Francis
Mayor of Masterton

Hugh Vercoe
Mayor of Matamata-Piako District

Barbara Arnott
Mayor of Napier

George Wood
Mayor of North Shore

Malcolm Macpherson
Mayor of Central

Dale Williams
Mayor of Otorohanga District

Heather Tanguay
Mayor of Palmerston North

John Robertson
Mayor of Papakura

Clive Geddes
Mayor of Queenstown Lakes

Bob Buchanan
Mayor of Rangitikei

John Law
Mayor of Rodney

Kevin Winters
Mayor of Rotorua

Sue Morris
Mayor of Ruapehu

Michael McEvedy
Mayor of Selwyn

Neil Sinclair
Mayor of South Waikato

Adrienne Staples
Mayor of South Wairarapa

Brian Jeffares
Mayor of Stratford

John Hurley
Mayor of Tasman District

Clayton Stent
Mayor of Taupo District

Stuart Crosby
Mayor of Tauranga

Phillipa Barriball
Mayor of Thames-Coromandel

Janie Annear
Mayor of Timaru

Peter Harris
Mayor of Waikato District

Jim Gerard
Waimakariri District

John Coles
Mayor of Waimate

Alan Livingston
Mayor of Waipa

Alan McLay
Mayor of Waitaki District

Mark Ammon
Mayor of Waitomo District

Kerry Prendergast
Mayor of Wellington

Maureen Pugh
Mayor of Westland

Colin Holmes
Mayor of Whakatane District

Pamela Peters
Mayor of Whangarei


Executive Officer
Jan Francis
Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
52 Marama Crescent
St Andrews Hill
Christchurch 8008
New Zealand
phone 03-384-8212
mobile 0274 529 584

Assistant to Mayor Paul Matheson
Marie Johnstone

Community Adviser
Vivian Hutchinson
The Jobs Research Trust
P.O.Box 428
New Plymouth
phone 06-753-4434
fax 06-753-4430

“ When we address the vexed issue of unemployment and jobs, we also address many other negative social indicators. As local leaders we are in a unique position and must take an active leadership role on the jobs issue. ”

Mayor Garry Moore, for the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

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the Taskforce Strategy Document 21pg pdf (152 kb)


Powerpoint presentation giving overview of Mayors Taskforce for Jobs project 2003.
37pg PPT (3.3MB !!)


“ No family or parent in our communities is bringing up their children to expect that they will not earn a living or make a useful contribution in their lives. Yet somehow we have organised our economic and social affairs so that one in six young people are not in work or training.

The Mayors’ goals talk about the “zero waste” of people and not the 4.9% waste of people. We say “zero waste” because we know that governance at the local and community level is about 100% outcomes. It is about getting the details right person to person.”

– vivian Hutchinson, from his 2003
keynote speech
to the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

ARCHIVE 1999 — 2005

These pages are an archive of the collaboration between The Jobs Research Trust and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs from 1999 to December 2005.

Current news and activities of the Mayors Taskforce can be found at, or by clicking on the logo on the right.

  • "People Connecting : Connecting People". The Mayors Taskforce held a major public forum in Nelson on 15 and 16 November 2005.

    — Summary from executive officer Jan Francis here.

    — PowerPoint Presentation by Professor Ian Shirley here.

    — "Why Work Works" —PowerPoint Presentation by Judge Andrew Becroft here.

    —"Engaging All Youth" —PowerPoint Presentation by Christchurch Distict Council here.

    — PowerPoint Presentation by Mike Smith for WINZ here.

    — "Actionworks" —PowerPoint Presentation by CDC and WINZ here.

  • Changes at the Mayors Taskforce. The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs has a new chairperson - Paul Matheson, Mayor of Nelson - following the resignation of its founding chair Garry Moore
    — Read our report in the Jobs Letter here

  • The Mayors MSD newsletter "Message From The Chair" from Paul Matheson, Mayor of Nelson, and new Mayors Taskforce Chairman,
    —can be read here.

  • The Mayors Taskforce will be holding a major public forum in Nelson on 15 and 16 November 2005.
    "People Connecting : Connecting People"
    — Read our article in the Jobs Letter here

  • A group of Australian Mayors have decided to start an Australian Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, focussing on political and cultural support for a job guarantee for all young Australians.
    — Read our report in the Jobs Letter here

  • Nearly half the country's Mayors have signed up to the Every Child Counts campaign. The campaign involves a large coalition of individuals and organisations from all sectors of NZ life aiming to promote children's interests in the context of the coming general election.
    — Read our report in the Jobs Letter here

  • Election Year : The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs has met in Wellington with representatives of the main political parties to discuss their employment policies and to see if they would actively support the Mayoral push for youth and job guarantees.
    — Read our report in the Jobs Letter here

  • Mayors Taskforce Annual Report for 2004-2005
    — can be downloaded here.

    Taskforce Strategy Document for 2005-6
    — The report can be downloaded from here
  • Regional Development Conference - 2005
    Twenty Mayors and Deputies met with government officials from the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Department of Labour, the Tertiary Education Commission and Career Services to discuss the Taskforce strategy and the partnership with government agencies.
    — Read report by Jan Francis, Executive Officer of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
  • Mayors Taskforce For Jobs Annual Workshop Christchurch – 2005
    The largest meeting of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, since its beginning in 2000 was held in Christchurch on 28 Feb/1 March. Thirty three Mayors and three deputies attended the meeting which reaffirmed the Taskforce vision and actions.
    — A Future That Works by Vivian Hutchinson.
    This paper is based on his keynote speech to "A Future That Works - economics, employment and the environment" conference held on 8-10 December 2004 at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

    — Read report by Jan Francis, Executive Officer of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

    — Media: Mayors Taskforce meeting in Christchurch next week

    — Youth Transition - Powerpoint presentations here.

    — Paper from Ross Wilson, President-NZCTU - pdf (131kb) here.

    — Paper from Ted Mace, Managing Director-Mace Engineering - pdf (74kb) here.

    — Paper from Mary Logue, Programme Director-Future Leaders Programme - pdf (185kb) here.
  • Conference at the University of Newcastle, Australia
    — A Future that Works: economics, employment and the environment
    was held at the University of Newcastle in early December.
    The conference brought together over 100 academics, policy makers, service providers and social activists from across Australia and around the world to examine environmentally sustainable ways to promote full employment and greater social equity.
    — Media: UniNews — University of Newcastle, Australia: "A Future that Works"
  • The Mayors Taskforce Core Group has re-affirmed their commitment to getting every young New Zealander into work or education, and have issued a new statement of their vision and objectives for the 2004-2007 term.
    — Read Chairman Garry Moore's statement in The Jobs Letter
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  • The Local Authority Elections have seen one third of New Zealand mayors retired or defeated.
    — Our list of returned mayors, new mayors and who they replaced can be seen here
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  • Employment Catalyst

    The Employment Catalyst Fund is being reviewed and no applications are being considered until further notice.
    — Latest updates on Project Funding
  • Northland regional Cadetships Underway
    — read report in The Jobs Letter
    — full press release from Far North District Council

  • Taskforce Meeting with Minister Maharey on Skill Shortages and Industry Training (19 August 2004)
    — read report in The Jobs Letter

  • Annual General Meeting — Mayors Taskforce for Jobs AGM, Auckland Town Hall, 27 July 2004
    — Taskforce AGM — read report in The Jobs Letter
    — The Scoreboard — Unemployment Statistics for Young People under 25 years, for each local authority area, and compared over the last three years.

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  • Sharing Great Ideas - Sharing Good Practice — Mayors Taskforce for Jobs National Forum, New Plymouth District Council, 21-22 April 2004
    — "Great Ideas, Good Practice" — Keynote speech from Vivian Hutchinson
    — "Great Ideas, Good Practice" — Powerpoint Presentations
    — photos from the 2004 National Forum
    — Media: Daily News "PM thanks mayors for efforts on youth jobs"
    — Media: Daily News "Mayors' forum shares ideas on youth job initiatives"
    — Media: The Jobs Letter No.206

  • Community Employment Group Funding Decisions (by Council Area). The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs recently asked CEG to provide them with a list of projects being funded in different territorial local authority districts around the country. The list was presented by the CEG general manager Charlie Moore at the Taskforce’s regular meeting with government Departments in Wellington on 9th March.
    — Read Full CEG Funding List
    — Download Full CEG Funding List

  • Mayors respond to the prospect of the Department of Work and Income declaring "No-Go" in the regions.
    — Special Issue of The Jobs Letter on the "No-Go" Debate

    Click on the image for the "Taranaki Connections" Download page

  • "Connections" programmes have been launched in Taranaki and Nelson/Tasman and will create a holistic framework for supporting the transition of young people into employment or vocational training.
    —download the Taranaki Connections objectives
    — Pu Maia Rangatahi Taranaki (2004 winner of the "Youth in Local Government Award")
    — download the Taranaki Connections 2003 powerpoint presentation
    — "A Local Commitment to Our Young People"
    — Community Case Management Framework
    — Report of study visit to UK Connexions by Elaine Gill
    — download the Nelson Tasman Connections Strategy Report
    — download the Nelson Tasman "Request for Proposal" Document
    — Media: Nelson Mail "The importance of Connections"
    — Media: Manukau City Council "Manukau City Cadetship Trials"

  • The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs holds its Annual General Meeting for 2003 at the Local Government NZ conference in Queenstown on 29 July 2003.
    — download the Mayors Taskforce 2003 powerpoint presentation
    — Mayors Taskforce Annual Report 2003
    — Taskforce Strategy Document 2003-4
    — photos from the Annual General Meeting
    — Cadetships, Scholarships and Apprenticeships in Councils -- presentation by Peter Tennent (Mayor of New Plymouth) download PDF
    — Ministry of Economic Development Funding

  • The NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development publishes its industry guide to youth employment..
    — go to the Business Council "youth employment" website
    — download the Business Council "youth employment" guide
    — Speech by Steve Maharey "Recognising the potential contribution of young people"
    — Media: "Wanted, work for our young and keen" by Kevin Taylor, NZ Herald
    — Forum: Steve Maharey "Jobless young stifle business growth" — NZ Herald
    — Forum: Steven Tindall "Businesses have key role in solution" — NZ Herald

  • The Mayors Taskforce publishes its "best practice" ideas guide to ten local youth employment projects being supported by the Taskforce.
    — download the "best practice" ideas guide

  • The Mayors Taskforce holds its major annual forum for 2003 in Christchurch on 6-7 March 2003.
    — sign-up of Memorandum with the Council of Trade Unions
    — speech to the Taskforce by Jim Anderton
    — photos from the 2003 Taskforce annual forum
    — "An Economy of Connection" — Keynote speech from Vivian Hutchinson

  • The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government to work towards ending youth employment in New Zealand within five years.
    — Report From The Jobs Letter
    — Press Release from NZ Government
    — Photos from the Cabinet Room / Beehive sign-up
    — Full Text of the Memorandum of Understanding
    — Employment Catalyst Project Reports

  • The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meetings during October 2002.
    — Photos and report from Taskforce first meeting with the CTU
    — Photos from progress meeting with Government Departments
    — Youth Unemployment Statistics by Local Authority Area
    — Photos from youth employment guide workshop with the NZBCSD

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  • Youth Employment Research Report. TMP Business Consulting have completed their research report on Youth Employment for the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development.
    — TMP Report
    — Powerpoint Presentations to Local Government NZ Conference

  • The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs holds a special election-year forum for political parties at the Wellington City Council Chambers 12 July 2002.
    — Report From The Jobs Letter
    — Photos from the Special Forum

  • The Mayors Taskforce is a major partner in the “Youth in Local Government” conference to be held in Rotorua 21-23 May 2002.
    — conference information
    — Report From Jan Francis
    — "The Spirit of Youth" — Keynote speech from Vivian Hutchinson

  • TMP Worldwide Business Consulting has been appointed Project Consultant for the Youth Employment Project being conducted by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development (NZBCSD) and the Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs.
    — Project Outline

  • The Department of Work and Income announces it will put its resources behind the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.
    — Interview with National Winz Commissioner Ray Smith
    — List of partnership initiatives between the Department of Work & Income and Mayors and Councils

  • The Mayors Taskforce holds its major annual meeting for 2002 in Christchurch on 14-15 February.
    — speech to the Taskforce by Steve Maharey
    — Media: "More Vocal Line on Jobs Urged" Chch Press
    — photos from the Taskforce annual meeting
    — "A Capable Age" — Keynote speech from Vivian Hutchinson

  • The annual meeting launches the partnership between the Taskforce and the NZ Business Council for Sustainability.
    — NZBCSD Youth Employment Project
    — Employers and the Youth Employment Challenge

    Members of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs at a breakfast meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton during the Rotorua Regional Development Conference.

  • Mayors Participate in "A Springboard for Growth" Regional Development Conference, Rotorua (28-29 November 2001)
    — Report from Jan Francis

  • Launch of School Leavers Destination and Tracking Project
    — Launch
    — Ranui Ngarimu's Speech.
    — Gary Moore's Speech.

    Hon Ruth Dyson launches the Destination and Tracking Project pilot, with Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore and CDC's Graeme Plummer.

  • Anderton announces Regional Development Conference at Mayor's meeting
    — Press Release.

  • Mayors promote the tracking of secondary school leavers career options — 28th June 2001.
    — Pilot programmes in Christchurch and Porirua.

  • Mayors participate in LGNZ Economic Development Forum
    5-6 April 2001.
    — Economic Development Guidebook launched
    — Speech by Mayor Yvonne Sharp (Far North)

    Porirua Mayor Jenny Brash on the Raiha Walk, part of Te Araroa — The Long Pathway.

  • Mayors adopt Te Araroa — the Long Pathway, as part of their strategic plan.
    — Te Araroa News on Mayors Taskforce decision
    — Far North Support for Te Araroa
    — Porirua Support for Te Araroa

    Members Meetings

    Networking group at the Manukau Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Forum Day

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meets in Manukau City (27-29 March 2001)
    — Manukau Strategy and Networking Days

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs signs up "Principles of Partnership" with Community Employment Group, Department of Labour, Wellington (5 March 2001)
    — Sign-Up Meeting
    — "Principles of Partnership" document

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs at the Zero Waste Conference in Kaitaia (7-9 December 2000)
    — Report from Jan Francis

  • Core Group Strategy meeting at Local Government NZ Boardroom (21 November 2000)

    Mayors Taskforce meeting at the Wellington City Council chambers, chaired by Jill White (former Mayor of Palmerston North).

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meet with Government Department Heads (3 November 2000)
    — Report from Jan Francis

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meet with Government Ministers (19 October 2000)
    — Report from Jan Francis

  • Various Media Coverage on the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
    — "Maharey agrees to mayoral plan for community workers"
    — "Shadbolt whistles up civic role in railway"
    — "Get tougher call for Maori jobs "
    — "Mayors sign pact in hunt for work"
    — "Far North links hands and anticipates prosperity"
    — "Auckland Mayors lukewarm on job creation taskforce"

    New Plymouth Mayor Claire Stewart and Jobs Research Trust trustee Rodger Smith sign a memorandum of partnership.

  • Mayors sign up partnership with the Jobs Research Trust (25 September 2000)
    — Sign-Up with Mayor Claire Stewart
    — Media: "NP trust to help taskforce for jobs "

    Minister of Social Services and Employment Steve Maharey and Minister of Economic Development and deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton.

  • Mayors sign up partnership with Government (12 September 2000)
    — Sign-Up Meeting
    — The "Memorandum of Understanding"
    — Comments from Jim Anderton and Steve Maharey

  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meets with former Maori Employment and Training Commissions (31 August 2000)
    — Report from The Jobs Letter

    Mayors Taskforce for Jobs meets with American Author Paul Hawken

  • Paul Hawken Meets with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (27 June 2000)
    — Report from The Jobs Letter

  • Press Statements from Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
    — April/May 2000

    Christchurch Launch April 2000

    Mayors at the Christchurch launch of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

  • Christchurch Launch of Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (6-7 April 2000)
    — Summary of Proceedings
    — Who attended the Launch?
    — Photos from Launch
    — Statement from Steve Maharey
    — Media: "Govt Aid Sought For Public Works Scheme"
    — Media: The Jobs Letter No.122
    — Media: "Mayors aim for 'zero' NZ jobless"

  • Keynote Speech from vivian Hutchinson to Christchurch Launch of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs 7 April 2000


  • A Youth Guarantee

    — that all young people under 25 years be in paid work, in training or education, or in useful activities in our communities.

    A Job Guarantee

    — that all adults who are long-term unemployed (registered for more than 12 months) have the opportunity and are encouraged to be in paid work, in training or education, or in useful activities in our communities.

    Participation at 2005
    mayors-num.gif - 1604 Bytes
    or 96% of all
    New Zealand Mayors
    have joined this Taskforce.

    The New Zealand Government

    New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development

    Council of Trade Unions

    Local Government New Zealand

    Ministry of Economic Development

    Ministry of Social Development

    The Community Employment Group

    The Jobs Research Trust

    Employment Catalyst Fund

    The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs — working towards the "zero waste" of New Zealanders