Jan Francis

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    Jan Francis has worked in the employment field for the last 18 years, in the local and central government and community sectors. She currently runs her own employment and economic development consultancy business, and has a major contract as the executive officer with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.

    Her previous roles have been as a teacher, the initial co-ordinator of the Canterbury Women’s Employment Trust which provided training, employment and advocacy for women in employment, the Manager of the Employment Services Unit with the Christchurch City Council which ran government employment schemes, a small business advisory service and a youth employment service and National Manager of the Local Employment Co-ordination Unit in the Department of Labour, which set up local groups of employment practitioners to promote co-ordination and collaboration within the sector.

    She has a long involvement in the community sector and is a member of a number of Boards within that sector.

    Jan has a MA (Hons) degree in Political Science from Canterbury University with a thesis, which researched Women’s Enterprise Development in New Zealand 1984-94 and has served as the NZ President of the Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association.

    She is deeply committed to addressing the issues of work and income in our society through economic development and job creation, using these terms in their broadest sense.

    Jan Francis


    52 Marama Crescent
    St Andrews Hill
    Christchurch 8008
    New Zealand
    phone 03-384-8212
    mobile 025-529-584