Scoop: Mayors Taskforce meeting in Christchurch next week

    Friday, 25 February 2005,2:58 pm

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    Skill and labour shortages will be among the key issues discussed at next week's meeting of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs in Christchurch.

    Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore, who is also chair of the national Taskforce, is hosting the group's meeting at the Christchurch City Council on Monday 28 February and Tuesday 1 March.

    News media representatives are invited to attend the Taskforce meeting on Tuesday when sessions include measures to address skill and labour shortages, dealing with growth and change in the workforce and youth transition services. Minister of Youth Affairs and Social Development and Employment, Steve Maharey, will address the meeting at 2.15pm on Tuesday.

    At present 65 mayors (87 per cent of all the country's mayors) are members of the Taskforce. Sixteen new mayors joined the group after last year's local body elections.

    Half the members have confirmed they will be attending the meeting, while deputy mayors and councillors will represent many of those unable to attend. The Far North District Council is sending Tom Brough, one of its young cadets, to be part of a presentation on skill and labour shortages.

    Mayors will be interested in a session about how the Government-selected Youth Transition Service is working based on council perspectives in Rotorua, Waitakere, Porirua, New Plymouth and Whangarei. Celia Lashlie of Nelson Connections will discuss the community response to the initiative.