Principles of Partnership between
    Community Employment Group and
    Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
    5 March 2001

                “Principles of Partnership”


    An Operating Framework for Community Employment Group working with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs





    In September 2000 the Ministers of Economic Development and Employment, along with Taskforce Mayors launched a partnership between central government and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. The basis for this partnership is set out in the document agreed to by both parties: Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Memorandum of Understanding.


    The Community Employment Group, as the key government agency concerned with local employment development has committed support to the Taskforce towards the achievement of its two strategic goals. These goals are:


    “By 2005, no young person under 25 years will be out of work or training in our communities”


    “By 2009, all people in our communities will have the opportunity to be in work or training”


    Support from CEG will be in the nature of community employment and development services through field staff, assisted by a national planning and co-ordination group. The partnership will seek to strengthen and rebuild local community economic and employment development structures and strategies.


    Key Principles


               Mutual effort between the Taskforce and CEG will operate at local to national levels

               The two strategic goals are “cultural” or visionary goals

               CEG work in support of the MFJTF strategy applies only to TLAs of Taskforce members

               Mayors and Community Employment Advisers will establish clear expectations at the beginning of the relationship

               The focus of mutual effort will be on identifying local employment needs and opportunities and designing or reinforcing strategies to meet these

               Strategies will build on existing infrastructure, networks and projects wherever possible

               Each party will acknowledge the other in any publicity associated with jointly supported strategies


    Working Structure


    1.      Leadership

    The General Manager of CEG, and the Chairman of Mayors Taskforce for Jobs will be responsible for national governance and management of the partnership.


    2.      National Planning and Co-ordination Group

    A national work group comprising CEG senior management, a CEG Community Operations Adviser, CEG regional Mayors Taskforce for Jobs representatives, the MTFJ Executive officer, and the Taskforce Community Adviser.



    ·        Undertake the initial planning and guide subsequent implementation of the CEG/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative

    ·        Maintain a national perspective of the CEG/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative and inform respective local participants

    ·        Prepare and disseminate resource information

    ·        Jointly agree on communications about the CEG/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative to external stakeholders

    ·        Meet quarterly to report on progress


    3.      CEG Regional Mayors Teams

    Regional team representative to the national planning and co-ordination group, and Community Employment Advisers working with Taskforce member Mayors within the region



    ·        Build and maintain a regional perspective of the CEG/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative

    ·        Provide peer support to each other in building effective relationships with Mayors, and in problem solving

    ·        Collate information and feedback to the national work group, and identify successful working models


    4.      Community Employment Advisers

    Local Community Employment Advisers working with local Mayors who are members of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.



    ·        Provide local employment development advice, information, and ideas to the Mayor in relation to the two strategic goals

    ·        Support the Mayor with strategic and specific planning of employment strategies

    ·        Support effective relationships between the Mayor and all stakeholders, including communities at disadvantage in the labour market

    ·        Contribute to the CEG/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs knowledge base, and assist with the dissemination of good practice information



    Guiding Parameters

    ·        The CEA and Mayor should base their relationship on the government/Mayors Taskforce for Jobs joint interest objectives of the MOU

    ·        CEG recognises the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs as a national strategy

    ·        CEG does not recruit Mayors into the Taskforce

    ·        The Mayor is the strategy champion, the field worker provides advisory, planning and liaison support directly to the Mayor

    ·        Work with a Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Mayor is to be recorded as a non-funded project in weekly reports e.g.” MTFJ Christchurch”



    March 2001