Mayors sign up partnership
    with the Jobs Research Trust (25 September 2000)

    IN NEW PLYMOUTH on 25th September, Mayor Claire Stewart, on behalf of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, signed a "Memorandum of Partnership" with representatives of The Jobs Research Trust.

    The memorandum is the first formal agreement of partnership and support between the Mayors Taskforce and a major community group. The Mayors are also providing funding, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development, to enable the Jobs Research Trust to more freely distribute its resources.

    The Jobs Research Trust is a national charitable trust, based in New Plymouth. Its objectives are to develop and distribute information that will help New Zealand communities create more jobs and reduce unemployment and poverty.

    The Trust publishes The Jobs Letter, which is read every 2-3 weeks by several thousand community groups and government agencies at the forefront of employment and social services.

    The Jobs Research Trust also manages a website, ( which last year was the Premier Award Winner in the internet category of Media Peace Awards.

    The Jobs Letter was first published in 1994 when it was launched in New Plymouth by the Jobs Research Trust. Since that time it has built up a substantial national and international reputation for its coverage of employment issues.

    In the Memorandum, the Mayors Taskforce describes The Jobs Letter as "…an important community-owned tool for helping people become wiser and more effective in acting on the challenge of jobs and livelihood in our communities."

    Until recently, The Jobs Letter was available only by subscription. The financial support from the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs will now enable the Letter to become freely available through the Jobs Research Website.

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