Youth Employment Report
    from the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development

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    TMP Business Consulting have completed their research report on Youth Employment for the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development. (The NZBCSD — which includes many NZ business leaders such as Fonterra and The Warehouse — has entered into a partnership with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and wants to “lead NZ business in their role of ensuring current employment or training for all young NZ’ers by 2005”).

    The TMP research report will be used by Business Council members and by Mayors in fostering an understanding of the causes of youth unemployment, and developing an awareness of the impact on business. The report brings together current data on youth employment and unemployment in NZ, as well as the results of a survey of Schools Careers Advisors, and the opinions of focus groups run in a selection of Auckland secondary schools.

    TMP Research Report on Youth Employment, July 2002, can be downloaded (31 pg, 1.7MB) from the NZBCSD website at

    — Powerpoint summaries of the NZBCSD presentations to the Local Government NZ Conference are available at