Manukau City Cadetship Trials

    1 October 2003

    Manukau City Council's successful trial scheme to help long-term unemployed youth, the Manukau Youth Employment Project, comes to an end on November 3rd. Says the Manakau City Council in a press release.

    During the 12 month trial the Council worked closely with Work and Income and the Tertiary Education Commission (previously Skill New Zealand) in a "whole-of-government" approach, with all three organisations contributing funding. Council has allocated further funding for the 2003/04 year and is working again with key Government agencies.

    Council's Education and Employment Planner Annette Smithard is delighted with the trial. "The cadets worked in a variety of jobs including administration, customer service, parks, recreation, pools and libraries, and their achievements have exceeded expectations.

    "Twenty-seven of the original thirty cadets completed the nine month course. These successful cadets have already achieved the National Certificate in Employment Skills which is a nationally recognised certificate of competence."

    "The challenge for the cadets is to take the skills they have learned and use them to gain employment in the workforce."

    One cadet Anita Rua has successfully obtained permanent employment as an administration assistant with Serco, a property maintenance company.

    "When I started as a cadet I was very shy and had no confidence. The skills and confidence I developed, and the support I received from staff at Council while taking part in the Youth Employment Project, has been invaluable in enabling me to secure my current position."

    "I love my job at Serco and hope that the other participants in the project will be able to secure permanent employment as well", says Anita.

    While some cadets will find employment within Council, the opportunity exists for local employers to take on a cadet. If you are interested in helping one of these enthusiastic young people get a start in the job market, please contact Annette Smithard on phone 2628900 extension 8662 or e-mail her at

    The financial benefit that this project has bought to the City is approximately $1.8 million because unemployment comes at a high cost. It is estimated based on research done in 1998 that each person out of work for a year costs $58,000 in lost productivity, health effects and other social costs.