September 2000
    Mayors Sign Up Partnership with Government

  • The "Memorandum of Understanding"
  • Comments from Minister of Economic Development Jim Anderton and Minister of Social Services and Employment Steve Maharey
  • ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12th, 2000, the leaders of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs signed up to a "Memorandum of Understanding" with government ministers at a special meeting at the Beehive. The Memorandum is a agreement that central and local government will work in partnership on their shared employment objectives.

    The Mayors have agreed to work with central government in assembling a package of programmes to assist community development initiatives, and to develop and support community entrepreneurs. This package is likely to include support for:

    — building the capacity of local people and community development agencies
    — obtaining advice or expertise to assist in regional/community strategic planning initiatives
    — re-thinking government expenditure in the regions to improve outcomes
    — funding for specific community/regional development initiatives.

    THE MAYORS WILL ALSO participate in the development of regional/local action groups, which will develop clearly articulated long term strategies to work on "whole of government" solutions in their areas. The Mayors will promote close co-operation between the Ministry of Economic Development and local economic and employment development organisations to minimise duplication and build on successful structures.

    In the Memorandum, central government agrees to ensure that "barriers are removed where possible" so that appropriate, innovative and flexible decisions can be made at the local level. Also, the Mayors and central government agree to work together to promote new solutions to unemployment "…which reflect the changing nature of work in our country".

    MAYORS WHO WERE PRESENT at the sign-up included Garry Moore (Christchurch), Claire Stewart (New Plymouth), Jenny Brash (Porirua), John Chaffey (Hurunui), Basil Morrison (Hauraki), Jill White (Palmerston North) and Don Riesterer (Opotiki).

    GOVERNMENT MINISTERS WHO WERE PRESENT at the sign-up included Jim Anderton (deputy PM, Minister of Economic Development, Minister for Industry and Regional Development ), Steve Maharey (Minister of Social Services and Employment), Sandra Lee (Minister of Local Government) and Parekura Horomia (Minister of Maori Affairs).