FRAN PEAVEY IS an inventive, resolute and funny woman whose life is an adventure in progressive social change. She lives, write and organises in Oaklands, California. She has toured America with the Atomic Comics, as well as travelling around the world -- India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Bosnia -- learning from and advising other activists.

    Fran is a co-founder of Interhelp, an international network of activists who explore the spiritual, psychological, and political dimensions of social change. She is the author of Heart Politics, A Shallow Pool of Time, and By Life's Grace.

    A recent interview with Fran Peavey (1998, The Age, Melbourne)


    VIVIAN LIVES AND WORKS in New Plymouth, New Zealand and edits The Jobs Letter, an information service and media watch for people working on employment and economic issues. He is a co-founder of the Heart Politics Gatherings, and a Steward of the Tauhara Centre in Taupo, New Zealand.

    Vivian Hutchinson first started using the strategic questioning techniques in his work with community groups, and in enterprise courses for the unemployed, after Fran Peavey gave workshops at the Heart Politics Gatherings in New Zealand in 1991. He quickly found the ideas and concepts behind strategic questioning to be a powerful tool in his own work for change. In 1993, he worked with Fran in compiling and editing her talks and articles at the Heart Politics Gatherings into this paper on Strategic Questioning.

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    This paper updated: 1997

    And Thanks ...

    Thanks to a whole range of people in Australia, New Zealand and San Francisco, who have contributed to the development of the these ideas, and have funded the writing of this paper. Special thanks to Tova Green.


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