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  • The Jobs Research Trust, The Jobs Letter and the Jobs Research Website have made a significant contribution to community action on unemployment and poverty in New Zealand.

    But we need your help to enable us to continue with this work. We invite you to join us by becoming a sustaining donor to the Jobs Research Trust.

    The Trust was set up in 1994 in order to develop and distribute information that will help our communities create more jobs and reduce unemployment and poverty. We have three main goals :

  • To help New Zealanders to become wiser and more effective in addressing the issues of unemployment and poverty.
  • To catalyse and support the political will and community leadership needed to act on these issues.
  • To develop and support an effective voice for these issues in every community throughout New Zealand.

  • Our work is already informing a wide network of people at all levels of the jobs challenge — community welfare workers, training providers, careers advisers, educators, researchers and writers, employers and the business community, employment activists, government departments, and local and national politicians.

    Some of our work is funded by subscriptions or contracts. The greater part, however is unsubsidised, done by volunteers, or supported by grants, koha, and our sustaining donations programme.

    Because much of our work is educational, often controversial, and is not a “front-line” welfare project ... we have found that we fall outside the criteria of many of the larger charitable funding organisations, many of whom are overwhelmed by funding requests at this time.

    We particularly rely on the generosity of our friends and colleagues through our sustaining donations programme, in order to continue our work “... for the common good".

    We hope you will consider joining us in our work.

    Just click here for further details on how to establish a sustaining donation through your trading bank.

    You can also donate to The Jobs Research Trust with PayPal using your credit card — it's fast, free and secure! Just click on the PayPal button in the left column of this page.

    Dave Owens
    Jo Howard
    Rodger Smith
    Vivian Hutchinson
    for the Jobs Research Trust


    The Jobs Research Trust — a not-for-profit charitable trust constituted in 1994.
    We are funded by sustaining grants and donations. Yes, you can help.