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Ian Ritchie and Angela Baker
Aries Print in New Plymouth
The Taranaki Polytech Internet Providers (Tipnet)
The Taranaki Work Trust
The Jobs Seekers Information Centre (NP)
Geetha Kutty
New Plymouth Volunteer Service
Ross Domney
Sandi Morrison
Peter Fahrenkamp
Colin Chiles
Nicki Hagar
Eion Meades
Gloria Carr
Karl Gorringe
Bill Howard
Yvonne Brown
Allison Tullock
Jan Francis
John Tamihere
Te Whanau o Waipareira
Sue and Bill Bradford
The Auckland People's Centre
The Auckland New Venture Trust
Dave Tolich
Warren Snow
Zero Waste New Zealand Trust
Stephen Tindall
Tim McMains
Garry Moore
Linda Manco
Christchurch City Council
Elaine Gill
Leslie Williams
Diane Anderson
Mervyn Taylor


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