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    Maiden Speeches
    From new MPs

    from The Jobs Letter No.119 / 6 March 2000

    The new parliament welcomes three new MPs who have extensive backgrounds in community employment issues and social services.

    In this special feature, we present edited highlights from their maiden speeches to Parliament.

    PAREKURA HOROMIA was formerly the general manager of the Labour Department's Community Employment Group.

    JOHN TAMIHERE was the chief executive of Maori urban authority Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust

    SUE BRADFORD, a veteran activist, has been involved in the Auckland Unemployed Workers Rights Centre and the Auckland People's Centre.

    Sources — Maiden speeches First Session, Forty-sixth Parliament, NZ House of Representatives, Hon Parekura Horomia (Associate Minister of Maori Affairs) 15 February 2000; John Tamihere (Labour-Hauraki) 10 February 2000; Sue Bradford (Green-List) 9 February 2000.

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