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    Redefining the Job
    A quick look at changes in the way jobs are structured

    from The Jobs Letter No.25 / 26 September 1996

    By Margie Sullivan


  • Job defined by hours and activities

  • Job titles, middle management, career paths

  • Chain of command, reporting relationships, department, function

  • Work as tasks imposed from above

  • Stability, order, predictability, structure, safety, don't make waves.

  • One stop careers, 9-5 work, retire with a gold watch

  • Long service as predictors of success

  • Incentives career ladder, flash office, car park, secretary, job security

  • Job defined by skills and result

  • Everyone a businessperson, project manager, interchangeable titles

  • Self-management, personal responsibility, responsiveness, proactivity

  • Work as a collection of self-initiated projects and teams

  • Ambiguity, risk, disorder, better sorry than safe, make waves

  • Long hours, make a difference, career mobility, self-marketing

  • Being educated, curious, adventurous and energetic as predictors of success

  • Incentives opportunities to learn, create, innovate, be autonomous make money because of above
  • Source - NZ Business August 1995 "Redefining work: Why the job is under threat" by Margie Sullivan

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