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    Letter No.1
    26 September, 1994

    5 September 1994

    Community Employment Group offers to pay up to $50,000 to each commuity effected by the Weddell closures to help establish and run support centres.

    8 September 1994

    Big increase in number of long-term unemployed announced.

    Alliance releases its submission to the Employment Taskforce.

    9 September 1994

    Reserve Bank predicts unemployment rate falling to 7.9% by March 95 and 7.6% by March 1996.

    10 September 1994

    Fast Advice. Income Support Service opens a "drive-in" information desk for beneficiaries (with cars) in Auckland.

    13 September 1994

    1000 Telecom workers were sent letters asking them to ponder redeployment as part of another round of restructuring.

    PPTA predicts 300 secondary school teaching jobs will be scrapped because of falling rolls and administrative changes.

    Redundant Weddell workers told by Income Support Service there will be no flexibility over stand-down periods and conditions governing special needs grants for the laid-off workers.

    15 September 1994

    Labour Party announces policies to increase spending on road, sewers and other infrastructure.

    Foodbank representatives meeting in Auckland resolve to complain to Human Rights Commission about NZ Government's failure to guarantee food, clothing, housing and medical care for all.

    16 September 1994

    Announcement of 13% drop from last year of people registered with the Employment Service.

    Business Roundtable releases its recommendations to the Employment Taskforce.

    Peter Gresham invites 200 guests to a Beehive Breakfast to launch new Social Welfare programme From Welfare to Wellbeing.

    19 September 1994

    MP Elizabeth Tennet introduces private members bill aimed at ensuring employment equity for women, ethnic minorities and the disabled.

    A team sent from the ILO in Geneva begins meetings in Wellington to investigate human rights concerns about New Zealand's industrial laws.

    20 September 1994

    Employers Federation delivers its submission to the Employment Taskforce.

    Sweden's voters elect the Social Democratic Party signaling support for the reconstruction of their Welfare State.

    21 September 1994

    The Job Action scheme for long-term unemployed officially launched by the Employment Service.

    22 September 1994

    Bill Birch signals that more asset sales are on the cards, including Television New Zealand and the Forestry Corporation.

    23 September 1994

    Labour Party policy announces new economic policies indicating tax rises for high earners.

    Skill Start subsidy scheme pronounced a failure in AGB McNair survey.

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