• The Jobs Research Trust's extensive collection of research material and reports are housed at the Manuscripts and Archives section of the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington, New Zealand ... and are freely available to researchers.

    The Jobs Research Trust Collection is an archive of the material collected by the Trust while compiling The Jobs Letter from 1994-2006. The subjects covered include employment, unemployment, future of work and related education and economics issues. Specific projects covered during this time include The Jobs Letter, The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, and The Employment Catalyst.

    Media watch clippings from The Jobs Letter make up a largest part of the collection, but the material also includes letters, tapes, manuscripts, reports and other printed documents.

    The Jobs Letters are archived in chronological order. Source material, reports and documents are filed with a hard copy of each issue of The Jobs Letter. A single archived issue of The Jobs Letter will typically include newspaper clippings, reports, printed internet documents, magazines and other material.

    The collection also contains DVDs which also archive electronic copies of material also used in The Jobs Letter. These are labeled within the collection as "The Jobs Letter Clips archives".

  • The Jobs Research Trust Collection at Alexander Turnbull also includes a collection of material on unemployment and employment projects from throughout New Zealand from 1979 to 1995. These include the work of vivian Hutchinson and his projects at the Taranaki Salvation Army Work Schemes, the Taranaki Work Trust, and the Skills of Enterprise Training programmes.

  • Alexander Turnbull Library

    national library

    The Alexander Turnbull Library is located within the National Library of New Zealand and is dedicated to research concerning the New Zealand and Pacific area.


    Visiting The Alexander Turnbull Library


    The National Library building in Wellington, New Zealand, on the corner of Aitken and Molesworth Streets, just along from Parliament Buildings. The Manuscripts and Archive collection is on the second floor of The National Library.


    Viewing the Collection

    Items from the collection can be used on-site and copies can be requested. National Library staff access the stacks every one and a half hours starting with the first access at 9:30am. Alternatively it is possible to ring ahead of your visit and request the material to be available upon your arrival. You will be required to sign in and register as a reader on your first visit.

    Oral and photographic archives from the collection are available on the second floor of the Library and it is necessary to ring and make an appointment to access this material.


    9am-5pm Monday to Friday
    9am-1pm Saturdays
    (Appointment-only areas, Weekdays only)


    04 4743000 extension 8794

    Accessing The Jobs Research Trust collection online information

    The Jobs Research Trust Collection page on the National Library website gives an overview of the collection contents and links to records.

    The Child Records of The Jobs Research Trust Collection itemise individual records within the collection.

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