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    Jobs from Waste

    A special issue produced in partnership with
    The Zero Waste NZ Trust


    ... download a pdf file (279kb) of The Jobs Letter special issue ...

    New Zealand

  • Zero Waste NZ Trust, P.O.Box 33-1695, Takapuna, Auckland phone 09-486-0734 email, website:

  • "Survey of Recycling Businesses in the Auckland Region" (1998) by Waste Not Limited (specialist waste consultancy) P.O.Box 33-1410, Takapuna, Auckland phone 09-486-3635 email:

  • The NZ Recovered Materials Enterprise Fund, P.O.Box 33-1410, Takapuna, Auckland phone 09-486-0750
    Annual report of The Tindall Foundation, available from P.O.Box 33-181, Takapuna, Auckland phone 09-488-0170

  • "Greenworks" special issue of Employment Matters (August 1999) a Community Employment Group publication, freely available through offices of Work and Income NZ (Winz).

  • This paper by Warren Snow Cliff Colquhoun is available in pdf format.

    "Recyclanomics" (1.4mb) by Cliff Colquhoun and Warren Snow (1995)


  • "Re-Inventing Waste: Towards a London Waste Strategy" (August 1998) by Robin Murray for Ecologika and the London Planning Advisory Committee (LPAC). For more information and ordering

  • "Zero Waste: Idealistic Dream or Realistic Goal?" video (1999) dir. Paul Gonnett co-produced by the Grassroots Recycling Network, and based on the June 1999 California Resource Recovery Association Conference at Fort Mason, San Francisco. Grassroots Recycling Network website:

  • "Welfare for Waste -how taxpayer subsidies waste resources and discourage recycling" by Grassroots Recycling Network. Website:

  • California Resource Recovery Association website

  • "Creating wealth from waste" (1999) by Robin Murray, for the Demos independent think tank in London. Demos website:

  • "Redeeming the Blue Box - complaints that recycling is too expensive just don't add up" by Daniel Scott, article in Alternatives Journal 25:4 Fall 1999

  • "Manufacturing with Reused and recycled Materials - Fifty Small Business Opportunities" (December 1998) published by the Materials for the Future Foundation.

  • "What is recycling-based community economic development? " by the Materials for the Future Foundation. available on their website:

  • "The Waste Paper" (monthly periodical) Bulletin of the Community Recycling Network, 10-12 Picton St, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5QA. Website:

    book links

    Natural Capitalism
    - Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
    by Paul Hawken, Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
    (pub 1999 by Little Brown & Company)
    ISBN 0-316-35316-7

    available from

    There is also a Natural Capitalism website at where you can download chapters of this book (in pdf format).

    A radio interview with Paul Hawken about Natural Capitalism is available (Real Player format) on the internet at, and Hawken2.ram

    Tax Waste, Not Work
    - How changing what we tax can lead to a stronger economy and a cleaner environment
    by M.Jeff Hamond and others
    foreword by Paul Krugman
    (pub April 1997 by Redefining Progress)
    order from website

    A summary of this monograph is available as a document (in pdf format) from

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