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"Local research has shown that there are over 140 organisations with a youth focus in Nelson and Tasman. However young people are still falling through the gaps.
As Judge Paul Whitehead said when sentencing a 17 year old Nelson youth, "……you appear to have fallen between the cracks because no one is prepared to assist you at all".
Nelson Mail 29 May 2003

Nelson Tasman Connections

  • Nelson Tasman Connections is the region's response to the goals of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and is sponsored by the mayors of Nelson City and Tasman District together with the Work and Income Regional Commissioner Nelson.


  • By 2007 all under 20 year olds will be engaged in appropriate education, training, work or other options which will lead to long term economic independence and wellbeing.

    To achieve this goal, it is crucial that key organisations work together to support young people towards a positive employment future.


  • There are three focus areas for the Nelson Tasman Connections project:
    —Developing an integrated accessible and collaborative set of services for young people.

    —Establishing a mechanism to coordinate assessment of and responses to young people.

    —Improving central and local Government funding arrangements with providers who deliver a range of services for youth in Nelson/Tasman.

    —The Steering Group will oversee the establishment of a charter and will provide leadership and commitment in developing a strategy that achieves the goals of the three focus areas.

    Focus Area One:

    —Develop suitable responses for all young people, but particularly those who have become disconnected or are at risk of becoming disconnected.

    —Establish databases of Employers, Young People, and Service Providers. Provider categories to include Education, Training, Employment, Entrepeneurship, Health, Recreation, Arts, Social.

    —Develop individual modularised career plans and undertake post- placement tracking of each young person in line with their plan.

    —Research employers to determine their specific skill and workforce needs in the next 5-10 years and the key difficulties experienced when employing youth. Develop helpful interventions that would assist them to employ young people.

    —Develop activities and programmes as required.

    —Undertake continual analysis and assessment to maintain a fit with the aims of Nelson Tasman Connections.

    Focus Area Two:

    —Establish a mechanism to co-ordinate the assessment of and responses to the young people, including regular engagement with each one through their case manager.

    Focus Area Three:
    —To improve central and local government arrangements with the providers of services for youth in Nelson and Tasman.


  • In 2004 the Employment Catalyst, in partnership with the Mayors Taskforce For Jobs, approved $50,000 for the first year's development and operation.


  • A Project Leader was appointed to assist the Steering group with the formative stages of the project. Since July 2004 projects have commenced which include investigating the size of the undertaking and gathering together information regarding services currently available to youth in the region. Two case studies have been carried out focusing on young people who left school at an early age and who were enrolled on a Young Nelson programme.
  • A database has been developed in partnership with Nayland College, which will allow schools to enter data for school leavers through the region's broadband loop. This will be owned and managed by the Nelson City Council as the 'Connections' lead agency.
  • A workshop has been held to consider options for encouraging youth enterprise in the region.
  • Focus Area three has been progressed and is a no-cost part of the project.

    PARTNERS and SUPPORTERS In addition to the funding from the Employment Catalyst Fund (supported by the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs), additional funding was provided by Nelson City Council (direct and in kind),Tasman District Council and Work and Income.

    The Steering Group is comprised of representatives from Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council, Nelson and Tasman Secondary Schools, Child, Youth and Family, the Police, Te Puni Kokiri, Ministry of Social Development, Work and Income, Tertiary Education Commission, and Nelson Marlborough Health Board.

    Richard Butler
    Nelson City Council
    Ph: 03) 5460 200

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    Project Contacts

    Richard Butler
    Nelson City Council
    Ph: 03) 5460 200
    0274 691 933