• Company Creations Youth Initiative is a pilot project undertaken by the Indigenous Trust in Tauranga for youth of the western Bay of Plenty who have had minimal opportunities, or have been alienated or excluded by mainstream educational institutions and/or are unemployed.


  • To provide these young people with opportunities that will eventually lead to meaningful long term employment by introducing them to both personal development and basic business skills.


  • In March 2003 the Indigenous Trust hosted the Lion Business Experience, an intense interactive 3-day programme which targeted teenagers excluded from the traditional schooling system who were in alternative education programmes or were unemployed.

    70 teenagers attended, working in groups of 10 to develop business ideas and create a business plan. From these participants those who wished to continue were interviewed and 12 were selected for the pilot programme Company Creation Youth Initiatives.

    This 8 week course covered personal development issues - team building, communication skills, self confidence, leadership and coping skills, time management and presentation skills. Participants were introduced to administration and reporting, the Young Enterprise Scheme, Business Start Up and Be Your Own Boss, preparing a business plan, financial management and accounting, marketing, raising capital/funding assistance, and legal issues.

    “Youth-at-risk and wayward teenagers have similarities with enterprising people and entrepreneurs in that they go against the grain, have finely tuned senses of survival and are willing to take more risks”
    Kelly Sadler, Company Creations Programme Director

    The course successfully brought both these groups together - one to share their expertise and the other to benefit from it.


  • The Employment Catalyst in partnership with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, gave $34,725 for this pilot project.


  • The Programme Co-ordinator was satisfied with the outcomes. Of the 12 participants:
      1 has qualified for the WINZ enterprise grant
      4 are undertaking further training programmes
      3 took advantage of the kiwifruit season employment
      4 did not complete the programme

    The four who pursued further training still have their business plans and two are in the early stages of business set up. The other two intend to establish their business ventures at the completion of their respective courses.
    Organisers report that of the four who did not complete the programme, "one had been distracted by peer pressure and three had difficulties at home."

    Suggestions for future courses:

    The Programme
    Increase the programme from 8 weeks to 12-14 weeks
    Amend Young Enterprise Scheme Material to suit at risk youth.
    Offer a range of small business ideas that participants could choose from and pursue successfully throughout the programme.
    Earlier team development, involvement, commitment

    Either a minimum age of 18 or an association with a formal organisation that the young person would be accountable to.

    Provide transport
    Encourage more support and involvement from caregivers, families
    Investigate a “training incentive allowance’.

    Chamber of Commerce Tauranga
    Community Employment Group
    Te Puni Kokiri
    Department of Work and Income
    Poutama Trust

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    Project Contacts

    Alicia Conklin
    Compass Community Village
    PO Box 6109
    Ph: 07 571 3722